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Alleviating Back Pain During Pregnancy

If you recently found out you are expecting a baby, you are most likely concerned about the many changes your body will be going through leading up to delivery time. It is important to be aware of the fact that additional weight in the front of your body can cause pain in your spinal area. There are however, some steps you can take to minimize pain in the back so it is bearable. Here are some tips you can use to keep your spine from causing you pain as you expand in size.

See A Chiropractor For Spinal Care Treatments

A chiropractor will be able to help in the adjusting of the spine as you go through your pregnancy. They will have a special table available for you to lie down upon, with an area for your stomach to rest upon if you are in your later months of pregnancy. The doctor will help in keeping your pelvis aligned with your spine, as well as helping with your overall posture as your center of gravity changes. Some women also find that doing routine chiropractic procedures aid in keeping nausea at bay.

Use The Right Shoes To Keep Your Body Aligned

As you grow in size, it will become more and more important to have comfortable shoes to walk in. If you normally wear heels, it is time to ditch them for a flat-soled pair of shoes instead. Make sure your shoes have plenty of arch support and that they have skid-resistant soles as well. Using sturdy shoes will aid in keeping you from slipping at a time when you need to take extra care in keeping yourself from getting injured. Comfortable shoes will also help you in maintaining your posture as you will not need to grasp the front portions of them with your toes to remain upright.

Pamper Yourself With Warm Temperatures And Exercise

At any time you start to feel aching in your back, you have the option in relaxing in a warm bath to help in alleviating pain. It is important not to make the water temperature too hot as this can have adverse effects on your fetus. Lukewarm water however, will relax you and reduce the symptoms of back pain. If you suffer from back pain regularly, your obstetrician can recommend some stretching exercises to help in keeping your spine healthy. If your back is still hurting you after your pregnancy commences, consider seeing a doctor to get an evaluation to find out if routine spine treatments should be continued.