When Should You Consider Shoulder Replacement?

When you tear your rotator cuff or have other issues with your shoulder, such as pinched nerves, surgery is sometimes the best option you have for a full recovery. While surgery sounds daunting and does require lots of recovery time, you can have a greater chance of success when you go this route, allowing you to have greater mobility and eventually stronger arms again. When should you consider shoulder replacement as part of your recovery process?

Why Foot Injuries Become Permanent

If you're an athlete, or an active person, you may have at one time suffered a foot injury. Though it is painful, you may feel tempted to keep going. After all, pain is a necessary part of running, walking or jogging. You're wrong. The truth is that ignoring that pain can put extra pressure on your foot and even cause permanent damage. Find out more. Pressure If you continue to exercise despite the pain, you run the risk of worsening the situation and making it harder for the injury to heal.