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When Should You Consider Shoulder Replacement?

When you tear your rotator cuff or have other issues with your shoulder, such as pinched nerves, surgery is sometimes the best option you have for a full recovery. While surgery sounds daunting and does require lots of recovery time, you can have a greater chance of success when you go this route, allowing you to have greater mobility and eventually stronger arms again.

When should you consider shoulder replacement as part of your recovery process? Here are reasons to consider such a drastic medical move. Your doctor will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of this type of procedure with you.

You have little to no mobility

If your shoulder injury is so severe that you have little to no mobility in your shoulder or arm at all, then it's time to consider replacement surgery of this area. Your nerve, bone, or muscle damage may be so bad that your body is unable to undergo the stress of doing so many repairs, or the damage may be so far gone that attempting to repair your shoulder can actually make things worse.

It will likely take many X-rays or even exploratory surgery to see if your shoulder will need to be replaced. If your injuries are major, getting your shoulder replaced can be less invasive than trying to repair what's been done to you.

You are in severe pain

If you are in a lot of pain, then talk to your doctor about shoulder replacement surgery. Sometimes, the surgery is beneficial because it reduces the pain and inflammation in your shoulder and arm, allowing you to feel better more naturally. If pain medications, exercise, and physical rehabilitation aren't helping to make you feel better, then shoulder replacement surgery is your next step.

You have ample bone or muscle tissue loss

A serious car accident or other major accident can result in losing bone density and muscle tissue in your shoulder area. These tissues are hard to rebuild and restore, so if your damage is severe enough that most of your bone and tissue is destroyed or missing, then shoulder replacement may be your only option.

Discuss whether shoulder replacement surgery is best for you with your doctor. When you get the surgery, you'll have to undergo lots of physical therapy in order to heal. Once you get used to your new shoulder, your life will feel like new again and you'll be able to feel more confident in what your body can do.

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