Talking With A Bone Specialist

Three Tips For Those With Broken Bones

Experiencing a broken bone can be a major injury that can take weeks or longer to fully heal. When a person suspects that they may have suffered a broken bone, it is important to be as informed as is possible about this particular injury. Otherwise, it could be difficult to know what to expect from your recovery process.

Not All Bone Fractures Are Obvious

Individuals will frequently assume that a broken bone will be an extremely obvious injury to suffer. While major breaks will be fairly obvious, it can be possible for individuals to suffer minor fractures. These injuries are often mistaken for deep bruises or sprains. However, if you are noticing an intense and deep pain that persists for more than a day or two, it may be advisable to have a doctor evaluate the injury to determine whether the bone has suffered a fracture.

A Cast Does More Than Expedite The Healing Process

Casts are one of the more common treatments for those that have suffered broken bones. Unfortunately, there are many patients that assume a cast is simply to expedite the healing process. Therefore, they may be resistant to this treatment. While you may assume that avoiding wearing a cast for a minor fracture can be a harmless decision, it can lead to long-term consequences. Without the cast to home the bone in place, it can be possible for it to heal unevenly. This can lead to chronic pain and mobility issues.

Appreciate The Benefits Of Physical Therapy

When you have suffered a major broken bone, you may find that you are required to wear a cast or limit your mobility for many weeks or longer. This can allow the muscles in the injured area to atrophy from a lack of use. Sadly, atrophied muscles can be a major safety risk as you can find yourself more likely to suffer injuries due to your compromised strength. Physical therapy, such as from Ultimate Sports, is designed to gradually strengthen these muscles so that you can fully recover from your broken bone. While this therapy requires you to attend numerous sessions with a trainer, it can be the only way to safely reverse the atrophy your muscles have suffered. Therefore, you should make it a point to never skip one of these sessions. In situations where it is unavoidable for you to miss your physical therapy, it would be beneficial to arrange for a makeup session as soon as it can be scheduled so that your treatment stays on schedule.