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Sports Medicine Myths You May Have Heard

Sports medicine can be an important treatment option for individuals who have suffered a range of injuries. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people that are under the belief that there is truth to some common sports medicine myths. This can make it harder for them to effectively consider or utilize this option in their recovery.

Myth: Sports Medicine Only Pertains To Muscle Injuries

While there are many sports injuries that will impact the muscles, this is not the only type of injury that a sports medicine professional can assist patients with addressing. Another example of this could be injuries to the joints. Whether it is due to another athlete falling into them or simply taking a wrong step, sports medicine patients will frequently need assistance with recovering from potentially serious joint injuries that could impact their performance and quality of life outside their sport.  

Myth: You Need To Be A High Performing Athlete To Benefit From Sports Medicine Treatment

It is common for individuals to be the most familiar with sports medicine in relation to their favorite athletes and sports organizations. However, these treatments can be necessary for individuals that are not high-performing athletes. In addition to helping those who are wanting to recover and return to a high activity level, these treatments can be necessary for anyone that has suffered an injury that could impact their range of movement and strength. Not surprisingly, many individuals that may not consider themselves athletes can be surprised when they are referred to a sports medicine provider as part of their recovery.

Myth: Sports Medicine Professionals Will Have To Replace Your Primary Care Provider

Recovering from a major injury can be a complicated process that may require working with numerous care providers. While sports medicine professionals can offer you assistance with many of the functional aspects of your recovery, these professionals will not always replace your primary care team. For patients who are further into their recovery, their sports medicine provider may be the care provider that they work with the most often. However, they will still likely need to return to their primary care provider periodically to have their progress assessed and monitored for complications.

Depending on the type and severity of the injury that you may have suffered, it can be necessary to seek the care of a sports medicine provider. Remember that these providers can assist patients with recovering from joint injuries, that they are not limited to treating professional or collegiate athletes, and that they will work in tandem with your primary care provider to help you fully recover.

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